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Jimi Hendrix and Prince had a baby, but he was far too powerful, so they took his electric guitar away…


Logan Brown is a performer, guitarist, and singer, in that order. Getting his start in heavy metal and migrating over to Jazz/Soul, the 23 year old musician has managed to overcome technical challenges and maintain a full-time career as a professional stage hog and entertainer. Performing for the first time in early 2014 Logan has been averaging between 250-300 shows annually on stages ranging from DIY tarp-and-peg flooring to RBC Bluesfest (2017-2018 with Taylor Angus) and everything in-between.


With 3 releases under his name and 2 with his partner, and world class vocalist, Taylor Angus, Logan is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of writing and recording original music. With his newest venture, however, Logan has decided to blend his love of writing with his overwhelming music obsession, putting together the “All My Favourites” show. Blending his ever-expansive “human jukebox” repertoire with his own recognizable style, Logan has created original arrangements and interpretations of everyone’s favourite popular music. From Stevie Wonder to Billie Eilish, Van Morrison to Bruno Mars, Tom Petty to Drake, Logan is taking on full-band arrangements all with one acoustic guitar, one voice, and a memorable live performance.


Logan has ambitions to release more music and record an acoustic cover album, but the “dream come true” musical moment would be to perform 15,000 gigs and maybe shake the hands of a few musical mentors before his retirement.


“I’m a simple guy. I love my family, I love playing the guitar, and I love being on-stage. I want for nothing material and hunger only for your attention, it’s a dangerous combination.”